Japan once had a soccer boom due to the remarkable performance of the Japanese national team in the Olympics. Since then, however, the Japanese football team has not performed well at the international level. However, since the establishment of the professional soccer league called the Japan Football League, soccer has become more popular in Japan. There are 18 teams in the league’s Division 1. This was followed by Japan’s first appearance in the World Cup final tournament, a long-time dream of Japanese football fans. Japan has also co-hosted the World Cup with South Korea. Another factor in the popularity of football is the football lottery. Ticket sales, which predict whether a league match will be drawn at home or away, were initially lower than expected but have recovered and are now at a solid level. One of the attractions is that tickets can be worth as much as 100 million yen ($800,000) as the first prize. These days, not only league supporters, but also housewives with children, middle-aged and older men and women who would normally be considered uninterested in football, are flocking to the selling point of the football lottery. Unlike general lotteries, you have to make your own predictions in the soccer lottery. The football world has welcomed the popularity of the lottery, and naturally, the increase in interest in football has been a mutual benefit. Aside from the Olympics, baseball and sumo have been Japan’s representative spectator sports, and now soccer seems to have joined the ranks.