Karate was invented by combining the indigenous martial arts of the Ryukyu with Chinese martial arts, which was practiced in Ryukyu (Okinawa) and neighboring islands. It was very popular in Japan. Karate does not use weapons and relies on three basic hand and foot movements: thrusting, kicking, and arm striking.

In addition to being a competitive sport, karate is also an effective means of self-defense. Karate isn’t just for adults, many children are learning it.

Depending on the level of karate, different colored belts are worn, and those who have reached a higher rank wear black belts. There are many schools of karate, and the rules for wearing protective gear and the degree of physical contact differ from school to school.

In Okinawa, it was developed as a self-defense technique because weapons were prohibited at that time. Fist fighters trained with their entire body as a weapon. There are two types of karate matches: Kumite and Kata. Kumite is a sparring match in which you get a score when you stop a thrust and a kick in front of your opponent, while Kata shows various combinations of techniques. Karate also emphasizes the mental aspect.