Several mothers have said,””I don’t want my child to be on the waiting list! “”They are in a hurry.But things don’t always work out that well in Japan.
This is the case of one family.

At first, all the siblings went to the same unlicensed nursery. However, due to various reasons, the nursery they were familiar with closed down.

Because it was an unlicensed nursery, the criteria for admission were easy, which was great for the parents, but now they had to clear a government screening process to get into the nursery.

The mother found a part-time job. But compared to the mothers who worked full time, the “”screening index””, which is the standard for admission, was much lower.

This meant that her chances of getting into a nursery were low, and she was very worried.She thought, “”If I can’t find a nursery and I end up on the waiting list, I won’t be able to work the part-time job I’ve found. She became very impatient.

Despite her worries, her children were successfully enrolled in nursery school. However, the result was that the siblings went to different nurseries. Separate nursery school was harder than expected.

Then, when the mother’s older child was 2 years old and the younger one was 0 years and 9 months old, they started to go to different preschools. The older child went to a nursery that was one stop away from the nearest station. The younger one went to a nursery five minutes’ walk from the house.

They went to different nurseries for all four years until they graduated from nursery school.

So, what do you do when you must send your children to different nurseries? It is up to each family to decide whether they find it “”hard”” or “”not so hard””. It depends on the support system of each family.


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