If you live abroad, here are some of the things that may surprise you about raising a child in Japan.
Some people even say it is difficult to raise children in Japan.Here are some of them from the point of view of a Japanese living in France. You may be surprised to find out that this is the norm in Japan. Here are some things that mothers living abroad might relate to.
There’s a polarisation between those who give up their seats on trains and those who don’t
In Japan, it is said that there is a clear divide between those who give up their seats to those with babies and those who do not. This is also the case in France, but Japan has become particularly polarised.
Those who are kind enough to give up their seat will do so even if the baby is not crying or in a good mood. Even if the parents say, “”Thank you, but no thanks, it’s the next station””, they say, “”No, no, still please””. They are very stubborn and they try to stick to their beliefs.
On the contrary. People who don’t give up their seat even when their baby is crying in a bad mood in front of them, play on their phones games without knowing anything, look down and pretend to be asleep.How can they be so ignorant? You’ll frequently find yourself thinking that the Japanese are cold.The mother was shocked when a woman of the same gender ignored her. In France, all women, young and old, are kind to pregnant women and people with children. So she was very sad when a woman of the same gender was not nice to her. This is an example of how being treated coldly by a woman is sadder than being treated by a man.


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