“”Let’s go home early and do housework and childcare! ←→ “”Make the same amount of money as before.
“”Men should not work overtime either”” ← → “”The most important role of fathers is to earn money.
The most important role of a father is to earn money. “”Balancing work and family”” is what everyone says, but it’s not multitasking skills that are needed. What you need is not the skill of multitasking, nor is it to earn the same amount of money in less time. What is important is not to “”work harder”” but to have the courage to “”give up”” something. In short, you have to choose what you will do and what you will not do.
Unfortunately, this is probably true.
In today’s Japan, it is almost impossible for a father to balance work and family. What to do and what not to do?
First of all, basically, most Japanese fathers have to work.
This means that they have to “”give up”” the home to some extent.
The opposite, “”giving up”” work (salary), is not allowed.
Wives will say, “”I work too, it’s hard work,””
“”Take care of the kids and play with them. “”In addition to this, “”you should earn more money.”” The dilemma is incredible.
And in order to manage this, Japanese men try their best to become “”dishonest company””.that company doesn’t value the employees at all.
long hours, no overtime pay, too much work,treats the workers like slaves.
It will be quite difficult to change the reality that work-life balance is collapsing right now.
One father gave up some of his work when his second child was born.
He used to work quite a bit on weekends, but he almost didn’t anymore.
He may have let go of the trust of his customers because of the lack of speed in his work.
After all, in today’s Japan, if you can’t balance both, you have to let go of something.
But this letting go of work was something that the father was able to do because he was a business owner and not a salaryman.
In the past in Japan, men worked hard and women were housewives who supported their families and homes.
Well, there’s no point in saying that.
I guess both father and mother have to prioritize and do things little by little in that order of priority, even if there are some problems.
Who knows if any solution will be found in the future?


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