He or she is the only person allowed to enter the okiya where the geisha live. Kimonos are traditionally handmade and highly valued. Some of them can cost thousands of dollars. The geisha’s hair is made into a very polished chignon with a traditional comb. They sleep with their necks as a small support because it takes time to condition their hair and it needs to be kept in perfect condition for several days. The hallmark of a geisha is etiquette. You can’t eat lunch at a fast food restaurant, shop at a regular clothing store or supermarket, or use a plastic bag to make purchases. When meeting with customers, you must entertain them with the utmost restraint, without being vulgar and with the utmost restraint. At the beginning of his training, he is forced to do hard labor that requires obedience, mainly in the okiya, doing housework and looking after the geisha. After that, intensive training in the art begins.


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