No matter where you live, you can hear the bells ringing because there are many temples in the neighborhood. In Buddhism, it is believed that there are 108 different types of desires and emotions in human beings, called Bonnou . Each time people strike a bell, you can remove one bonnou from yourself. The Kanji for “”Jo”” means “”to get rid of the old and move on to the new,”” and the word “”Ya”” means “”night. The tradition of eating soba on New Year’s Eve is said to have taken root in the Edo period. When making soba, the dough is stretched and cut into long and thin strips, which is said to symbolize longevity and good health. It is also easier to cut than other noodles, which makes it easier to break the year’s misfortune and feel refreshed. It is said to be a wish to welcome the New Year. When people eat Osechi ryori, they use special chopsticks called Iwaibashi. Normally, chopsticks are thinner at the end to pick up food, but Iwaihashi’s chopsticks are sharp at both ends. This is because it is believed that people use one side of the Chopsticks and the other side is used by God. Osechi food is first of all an offering to the gods, and by sharing it with them, you can make a bless with fruitfulness. Therefore, even if you think it is efficient to use the both sides of the chopsticks, it is considered disrespectful to the gods.


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