Ayatori is a traditional game that is popular among girls. It began in the Heian period and spread in the Edo period. Various shapes such as bridges, rivers, and drums are made with string tied to a circle and then hooked on the fingers or wrists and manipulated with the fingers. You can play alone, or you can play in circles with two people. Maori and Chinese people, the United States and the UK also enjoy a game similar to Ayatori, and similar games are found all over the world.

When enjoying ayatori as a competition, one person holds the string in one form and the other takes the string while making a different form. The person who makes a mistake or disrupts the intended form loses. The shapes can enjoy a fanciful beauty. Some people try their hand at Ayatori to surprise their friends. You can do Ayatori by yourself, and there are various shapes of Ayatori, so you can do it for the first time even if it is easy.


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